Benefit of hiring your virtual staff

  • Zero setup cost- No National insurance, No Pension, no extra office infrastructure
  • Save Money- Significant cost savings of up to 70% of salary and improve your business profitability.
  • Flexibility in employment- no red tape- Rolling monthly contract.
  • No Staff Management- Full controlled and managed services with increased productivity
  • Resource- Need staff to work extra hours- that’s no problem. You can choose Hours to suit your office or outside your office hours.
  • Complete flexibility- You can increase and reduce working hours of your virtual staff easily.
  • Daily Productivity reporting
  • Local Support available at all times.


Extra Benefits (TOTAL PEACE OF MIND)

  • We have huge database of highly skills professionals.
  • Happy to refund our client if they are not happy with the quality of the work- 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • We offer a no obligation trial period – Client don’t have to make any financial commitments.
  • There are no long term contracts (30 day rolling/project based)
  • We undertake part time/full time/project based works.
  • We guarantee complete data-protection of your work, data and intellectual properties.
  • Attrition is very low with Virtual Staff, however if staff decides to move on, we ensure we replace and train new one without hassle.


What does Brilserve do?

  • Advertise shortlist and conduct preliminary interviews, then pass on successful candidates to you to make the final decision, followed by induction training.
  • Provide all the IT needs to enable the Virtual Staff work on your computer real time.
  • Manage your virtual staff as per your instruction on daily basis.
  • Provide a daily productivity report to clients.
  • A monthly client feedback to ensure high quality service is maintained at all times.

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