Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What tasks can my virtual staff do?

Your virtual staff can do anything that doesn’t require them to be physically present. These days that’s almost anything. Treat your virtual staff like any other employee and give them the same training and tasks.

How many virtual staff can I hire?

You can hire as many virtual staffs as you wish.

What skill set does my virtual staff have?

All our virtual staffs have excellent computer, internet and MS Office skills as well as written and verbal English language skills. Any niche skill sets you need, please let us know and we can easily accommodate including web/graphic design.

Is my virtual staff over-worked?

An overworked staff is an unhappy staff! All our virtual staffs get holidays. Of course you get a free replacement or a refund on these days.

How long and what hours does my virtual staff work?

Your virtual staff works 8 hours a day plus 1 hour break, 5 days a week. You can choose any 9 hour block for your virtual staff to work. If you need fewer hours per week then we can get you virtual staff to match your requirement.

Is my virtual staff reliable; what if they are ill or don't show up to work?

If your virtual staff is ill or away for any reason, we will provide a replacement free of charge or refund lost hours.

What about taxes?

You are outsourcing to Brilserve Ltd, so there are no employee taxes to pay.

How quickly can I get a virtual staff?

It depends on the type of task you are looking for, usually immediately, but it may take up to one week or for specialised jobs longer.

The process is simple-

1. Give us your requirement by simply filling a skill need analysis form online.

2. We send you CV of the prospective candidates

3. You would conduct  telephonic interview

4. Make a decision

5. We provide mandatory trainings and support you in delivering specific training as per your task requirement.

How long is the contract?

All contracts run on a monthly rolling basis. By giving us a 30 day notice, would help us in smooth handover of your data and complete any pending jobs. However if you are not happy with our service and we were not able to deliver our service as promised, you can even cancel contracts anytime by giving us a one week notice.

How do I communicate with my virtual staff?

To communicate with your virtual staff you can use e-mail and online telephone/chat applications such as Skype. However, you can use whatever medium you like. If your virtual staff is required to answer phone calls then we can provide a local area code telephone number which diverts to your virtual staff.

Is my data secure; can I trust my virtual staff?

Data protection and maintaining confidentiality is one of the most improtant  mandatory trainings we provide to our staff. They sign a nondisclosure agreement and we have a zero tolerance policy on any security breaches. We recommend you treat your virtual staff like any other employee and set-up separate accounts and usernames where possible.

Who else uses Virtual staffs?

New entrepreneurs, internet marketers, small businesses, self employed and many more SMEs. Virtual Staffs are also used by large banks, telecom companies and energy suppliers who take advantage of the substantial cost savings and improve efficiency. Unfortunately, not every company has the experience, time or budget to recruit and manage a workforce abroad, nor would they want to. Brilserve Ltd has already completed all this for you!

Do I need virtual staff?

Running a business would have been easy if it was just about delivering product and services to the customers. But that is not the case. Its often difficult to gauge if you need extra support, especially if you have too much to do in a little time and still keep a competitive edge over your competitors. Most people shy away from hiring employees because they are unsure if they can afford it, or if it will bring the growth expected. A virtual staff carries out a variety of jobs (click here) at a very low monthly cost, no recruitment costs, and no tedious paperwork just one simple contract with us.

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