Reseller Program

BRILSERVE is successfully partnering resellers in the UK for some time now. We offer Entrepreneurs and businesses a white labelled reseller programme, where services are provided under the business name of the Reseller. We have dedicated team in our centres to handle reseller client queries and efficiently operate a mutually beneficial business model. We sign a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with our resellers, Brilserve will never contact client directly.

Reseller Program- FAQs

Who can join our reseller program?

Anyone who is interested. Most of our Resellers are our existing clients who are already enjoying the benefits of hiring a virtual staff. However a number of small businesses and Entrepreneurs offer our services as resellers as an addition to their own product. For example a VOIP phone provider promote Virtual staff as an additional service.

What resellers have to do?

Well it’s simple-

  1. Go through ‘Benefits’, ‘Pricing’ and ‘FAQs’ pages of this website.
  2. Share information with your prospective clients.
  3. Close the deal and Contact Brilserve
  4. Brilserve managers work with you to get smooth onboarding of Virtual Staff.

UK management is available to help in closing the sales.

Can I set my own prices?

Yes you can set your own prices.  Brilserve will offer you a Reseller discount on advertised prices to boost your benefit as you will be dealing with your client directly where Brilserve provides the service.

If you don’t want to get involved directly then you would receive an annual referral bonus every year as long as the client is with us.

How to join as Resellers?

Its simple send an email to with a brief details. UK management team will get in touch with you to discuss onboarding process.

Do I have to make any payment to register and are there any fees to be a Reseller?

No. absolutely not, we don’t charge anything to our Reseller, it’s completely free.

You get a client, we serve them through you. You set prices and enjoy additional discounts from us. That’s simple and straightforward with no small prints.

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